Shelby Ruth

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Home Town: Northern Virginia Native

Bio:  Hey friends, what's up! Her name is Shelby, but she goes by Shelbs. She is a Northern Virginia native, growing up as a Competitive Jump Roper and Travel Soccer Player. She is beyond excited to work with you on your goals! Being an AFAA certified coach & an ELITE performer has allowed her to become the Founder of projectRIDE, an at-home indoor cycling program. Shelbs offers LIVE Rides five times a week, plus an on-demand recording library that continually grows! Her purpose in life is to empower individuals to become better and stronger versions of themselves. Because of this, she is also the Creator of ShelbSpeaks, a motivational & inspirational website to allow you to grow into your best self. She believes no matter where you are in your journey, THIS is exactly where you're supposed to be. She will be your biggest advocate, inspiring you to rewrite your story with achieving YOUR health & fitness goals! So put your game face on and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! 

Pump Up Song: High Up (feat. Black Prez)

What do you want someone leaving your class to feel: My purpose in life is to empower individuals to become better and stronger versions of themselves every single day.

What fuels my workout: Being able to meet yourself wherever you are. It's all about where you are going, not where you have been. Being able to uncover a new layer of finding your best self is an incredible journey to be on because you are as strong as you believe and brace as you allow. Clipping in and settling in to the first song allows you to become vulnerable. That is true courage and in class that becomes the TRUE VIBE. Connecting with the community one pedal stroke at a time is magic and all of this FUELS my WORKOUT.

Motivation Motto:"Trust the Wait, Embrace the Uncertainty"  and  "Be somebody who always makes everybody feel like a somebody."

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