Home Town: New Orleans native, NYC resident

Bio: Rachel comes from a technical ballet background that all started when she was 3 years old. Once she started college, she shifted to more musical theatre and commercial styles of dance. She started her professional career dancing for the NBA, and that was ultimately when her passion for fitness began. She has been teaching cycling for over 5 years, and has taught HIIT, versa climber, barre, megaformer, and dance cardio. She loves a good dance party or live show- really an excuse to wear glitter. 

Pump Up Song: High Hopes – Panic! At the Disco or anything with a nasty trap beat 

What do you want someone leaving your class to feel (3 words max) Confident, Recharged, Badass

What fuels my workout (food, song, belief, ritual): Music and a whole lot of snacks.

Motivational Motto: It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. 

Describe the experience you hope to create in your classes (cycling and other classes) 

In Rachel’s class, you have the freedom to let loose a little. It’s an inclusive, judgement free space for people of all walks of life – all levels of fitness. Music motivates this ride to keep you going through the toughest of intervals. She may be nice about it, but she’ll definitely push you past your limits. Her acute attention to detail and dynamics makes for a challenging and thoughtfully programmed experience. Expect positive vibes. Expect bops. Expect EDM beat drops. Expect to work hard, all while having a good time.