Class Formats


Rhythm Cycle

Let our instructors transport you to their personal studio in this choreography-based class set to carefully curated playlists that are sure to get you vibing to the music and dancing on your bike. Classes with and without weights.

Barre Beats

Expect to sweat, dance, and smile as we build strength in this low-impact, rhythm-based mat workout! You'll be guided through controlled, purposeful movements that will lift and tone your muscles to the beat of the music, ensuring you walk off your mat feeling fueled up and fantastic in your mind, body and soul.



Step into the ring and unleash your alter ego as you alternate between rounds of traditional boxing moves and full body conditioning.



HIIT and strength training moves that set out to get your heart pumping and your muscles shaking. While this class isn't meant to be beat-based, you can always expect an epic playlist will be there to help push you through every rep and heart-racing interval.

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