Rhythm Cycle

In this 45-minute class, you’ll dance and sweat on a bike that goes nowhere. Let our instructors transport you to their personal studio, with carefully curated playlists, choreography on the bike, and some intervals. 

Performance Cycle

This 45-minute class ups the intensity, with more intervals, heavy climbs, and fast sprints. Performance cycle is an interval based class with less choreography than our rhythm based class. 

Cycle + Boxing

This 45 minute class starts on the bike and ends with shadow boxing and strength training. The first half of the class is an interval based ride to get your heart rate pumping. After that, you’ll spend a few minutes warming up your boxing by learning the 6 punches. And you’ll finish the second half of the class with boxing combos mixed in with strength moves. You may need a set of weights and a mat for this class depending on what the instructor asks of you at the beginning.

Barre Beats

This 45 rhythm based mat work is both a cardio and strength building workout! We use the beat of the music to move our bodies, test our strength, and build our muscles. Expect to sweat, dance, smile, and walk off your mat feeling fueled up and fantastic in your mind and body!


This 45-minute class will be a mixture of HIIT and strength training moves. Your instructor will guide you through a series of intervals that will leave your heart pumping and your muscles shaking. While this class is not beat based, you can expect some great playlists to go along with your workout. 


This 50 minute class will lead you through a series of yoga flows to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Your instructor will be there every step of the way to challenge you and center you so that you leave feeling stronger and balanced.