Home Town: Dayton, OH (was born in England…fun fact….still a British Citizen)

Bio: 10 years ago I found group fitness after a lifetime of being overweight, and not living a healthy lifestyle. When I found group fitness and especially cycle, my world changed and it became part of my life. I have a theater performance degree from College of Charleston, so music and microphones felt like home!

Pump Up Song: Remode Edit of Center of The Universe by Axwell….any 90’s hip hop

What do you want someone leaving your class to feel (3 words max): Inspired, Powerful, Confident

What fuels my workout (food, song, belief, ritual): Lucinda is fueled by connecting with people who are at the beginning stages of their fitness journey. Chances are she too has been their shoes and she wants all to know they are capable of ANYTHING.

Motivational Motto:“The urge to quit is greatest right before you succeed.”

Describe the experience you hope to create in your classes (cycling and other classes): What will one experience in Lucinda’s classes?  Lucinda wants people who tune into her classes to know they have entered a space of non-judgement and inclusivity. The work out will feel FUN (a word most don’t immediately associate with work out) but Lucinda aims to challenge and overcome that misunderstanding of fitness. She wants all to find the fun and then keep coming back for more! As you log off from time with Lucinda she hopes all leave feeling inspired and feel connected, not only with her but deeply with themselves.