Lucinda Ogburn


Home Town: Dayton, OH (was born in fact....still a British Citizen)

Bio: After a lifetime of being overweight, Lucinda walked into her very first group fitness class ten years ago and her entire world changed. Since then, fitness has become a way of life. Given her degree in theater performance from the College of Charleston, music and microphones naturally felt like home to her when she made the decision to start teaching! Lucinda aims to create a space of inclusivity and non-judgement with every class she teaches. Make no mistake, you will be challenged, but her goal is that you walk away from her sessions feeling like you had so much fun, you almost forgot you were working out! She looks forward to inspiring and connecting with the LivFitCo community, encouraging the collective to embark on a journey of self-discovery that enables a deeper connection with each other and with themselves.

Pump Up Song: Remode Edit of Center of The Universe by Axwell....any 90’s hip hop

What do you want someone leaving your class to feel: Inspired, Powerful, Confident

What fuels my workout: The connection with people who are at the beginning stages of their fitness journey. Chances are she too has been in their shoes and she wants all to know they are capable of ANYTHING.

Motivational Motto: The urge to quit is greatest right before you succeed.

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