Krista Seeklander


Home Town: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bio: Krista's teaching journey kicked off over 18 years ago — the moment she got her first taste of the freedom and sense of accomplishment that fitness brought into her life, she was hooked! She loves the sense of achievement that follows a sweaty weight session, the endorphin rush of partying on a bike, and the solace that comes with embracing the moment and truly letting go. Krista is a certified personal trainer and has taught a variety of group fitness classes including HIIT, kickboxing, boxing, barre, aqua, indoor cycling, as well as a number of strength-based formats. Her classes are an absolute blast, encouraging you to embrace your inner badass. Teaching is her true passion and she looks forward to coaching you through challenging moments, celebrating every victory and building the LivFitCo community into a family!

Pump Up Song: anything that makes her dance like no one is watching!

What do you want someone leaving your class to feel: Badass, Free to let go, Confident

What fuels my workout: Inspiring and supporting others! There is strength in numbers working together for a common goal.

Motivational Motto: "For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind" - Dale Carnegie

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