Home Town: Boston, MA 

Bio: Born on the northshore of Boston Grace fell in love with Shakespeare and found herself attending an arts academy in Boston for highschool where she became very well versed in all parts of putting on a production from center stage to backstage. After freshman year in college where she spent her time studying theatre and sociology she found fitness. Ever since she has strived to find new and exciting ways to expand her belief that the combination of music and movement can have a massive impact on how you exist in this world. After college she went on to work at nonprofits who’s missions were to provide services that allowed women to feel empowered in their bodies. While working in event planning, campaigning and branding she found herself missing the world of fitness and found she could still work to serve this mission but in the wellness world. 

Pump Up Song: Good As Hell – Lizzo

What do you want someone leaving your class feeling: Pride, power and a lot of self love 

What fuels my workout: swedish fish, a good playlist and lots of dancing

Motivation Motto: Surrender to the unknown and find the knowing within, starting there is always stronger.