Let us embrace the common ground that change has put under our feet and choose to climb as a collective.

The world is changing…

We all know that things will never be the same.
We all know that looking back never does much good either.
Let us meet this change exactly where it’s brought us –
Let us embrace the common ground that change has put under our feet and choose to climb as a collective. We now know that everyone has the ability to tap into world class workouts at home.

It’s a little overwhelming the options this pandemic has put before us and how we choose to challenge and take care of our physical beings.
We hear you. We see you. And as professionals in the fitness industry, we still aim to help you meet your needs in a way that feels empowering, accessible, and caters to the current circumstances we face.

That is our common ground and with it in mind here is our commitment to you:
You will be joining a platform that provides you with…


As human beings we thrive on cultivating connections, whether it’s through experiences, beings, or with ourselves; and we grow through deepening our connections.
With technology, we are more connected than ever before. TheFit Live connects our community by offering classes with instructors from around the country to all of our members, regardless of where they call home.


Go about the week with ease knowing that there will always be classes on TheFit Live, streaming live or recently broadcasted. The common chaos of quarantine means molding to the needs of our community! This is your body and your practice, so let us make it easy and rewarding – not complicated and draining!


We see the common challenges and opportunities in the world, and therefore we want to provide a platform that meets those needs. How do we do that? With our wide variety of class offerings, class formats and instructors from studios across the country. Now you can expand our workout regiment by providing your bodies with a variety of workouts, all under one platform. 

Above all else, we provide our members with access to a team made up of talented fitness professionals with an array of backgrounds in the industry. Joining TheFit Live community means there is a collective of people ready to meet you where you are in your home, on your time, and with your goals in reach. We see the common ground, and we collectively want to help you launch from there to see what possibilities are out there. 

So let’s get connected, committed, and decide to climb a collective. Because life ain’t easy, but it’s so much easier to meet its challenges and changes with others that are able to find the common ground, and choose not to look back but rather climb to meet it.

Collective Leaders


“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan
Leave Their Class Feeling:
Accomplished, badass, happy


Expect the best version of yourself…everyday.
Leave Their Class Feeling
Empowered, Athletic, Rejuvenated


“The urge to quit is greatest right before you succeed.”
Leave Their Class Feeling:
Inspired, Powerful, Confident


Surrender to the unknown and find the knowing within, starting there is always stronger.
Leave Their Class Feeling:
Pride, power and a lot of self love


“Progress over perfection.
Leave Her Class Feeling:
Strong, Inspired & Sweaty


It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.
Leave Her Class Feeling:
Confident, Recharged, Badass


“Fall in love with the process and the results will come.”
Leave Her Class Feeling:
Uplifted, Seen, Alive

Want to know more about the LiveFit Collective Leaders?

How do you join the collective?

Gone are the days of spending $20+ on a single class. Access unlimited classes and our on-demand library for $34 a month (or less).
All pricing options give you access to our live classes PLUS, unlimited 24 hour replays of our Live Classes (just in case you are “late” to class) PLUS, unlimited access to our VOD library of express workouts.
No need to reserve a class or wait for the “link to join”. Just log into the “Community Access Page” and you are good to go.


Auto-renew, no commitment, cancel anytime.



Want to save even more? Do 3 months at a time and save 10%.



Wanna go all in? Save 20% and dont worry about any monthly dues.


How about a trail run? Hit up one of the collective leaders on their Instagram for a Free Day Pass.

What are the classes we offer?

When you subscribe to the LiveFit Collective you are joining a platform with a array of classes, taught with a variety of formatting to keep your mind and body on its toes, by instructors who come from diverse and well trained fitness backgrounds. We believe in the power of cross-training your body so the schedule will always have a good range of strength building and cardio.