We Embrace the Changes Around Us

and Climb as a Collective

The World Has Changed

And looking back means we can’t see the possibilities that lie ahead.
Technology has enabled us to tap into world-class fitness from the comfort of our living room. And let’s face it, there’s no shortage of options on how to take care of ourselves these days. But sifting through it all and knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming.
We GET it. We SEE you. We HEAR you. So we formed this Collective.
And our mission is simple: to provide a platform that empowers you to conquer your fitness goals and allows us to stay connected. Join us as we embrace the common ground under our feet and climb to the top as a collective!
If you commit to us, then we commit to providing you with a platform that delivers:


Human beings thrive on cultivating connections. It’s in our DNA to be social. Whether through shared experiences or deepening our relationship with ourselves, having a sense of connection allows us to grow. And now technology has strengthened our ability to stay connected to each other more than ever before. Wherever you call home, Live Fit Collective seamlessly connects you to our community.


Our platform provides a wide selection of class offerings, formats and instructors from studios across the entire country. Our talented team come from diverse backgrounds and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Joining our community means that our Collective is ready to meet you in the comfort of your home, on your time, and with your goals in mind, or possibly some goals you never thought of!


You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your schedule doesn't have to change in order to join us. The Live Fit Collective classes are available 24/7 to smoothly fit into your busy schedule.

It’s easier to meet life’s continuous changes and challenges along with others. So let’s get connected, committed, and decide to climb as a collective.

Why Join This Unique Platform?

With an array of classes taught in a variety of formats, by instructors who come from diverse and well trained fitness backgrounds, it will keep your mind and body on its’ toes! We believe in the power of cross-training your body, so our schedule will always have a good range of strength building and cardio.
•  Gone are the days of spending $20+ on a single class or $10 for a virtual Zoom class
•  Access unlimited classes from our library with new releases every week
•  Simply log in and go to “Member Access Page” and you are good to go – no need to reserve a class or “link to join”





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